Newsletter - 12/11/20

Merry Christmas From Hargrave!

Upcoming Events

  • Dec 18 - Cadets Dismissed for Christmas Break at 12:30 PM

Chromebooks for Cadets


As a reminder, starting Spring 2021, GoGuardian will be mandatory for all Cadets. This will require families to supply their Cadets a Chromebook laptop of any make and model (new or used). Cadets will use their Chromebooks purely for academic purposes.

Other laptops and devices (i.e., Windows or Apple OS devices)) will be allowed as a privilege for personal use during personal (free) time (gaming, recreation, hobbies, etc.). Personal machines will be disallowed in the classroom, study hall, and any other academic time. Personal computer time will be designated outside of the academic hours of the day. Cadets will continue to have access to personal online pastimes such as social media, Youtube, Netflix, and gaming as long as it does not come at the expense of their progress and academic work and have the support/approval of their families.

Personal machines will continue to be subject to monitoring, reporting, and blocking as seen in previous years and the privilege to these machines may be revoked if deemed necessary. Most importantly, should it become necessary to limit a cadet’s access to technology due to poor judgment, it does not preclude access to a device critical for their academic success.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our IT Director, Jeremiah Bunker at [email protected].

[email protected]

From the Gift Shop


It's not too late to give the gift of Hargrave gear this Christmas! Shipping, if required, is $15.00. You may call the Business Office to pay by credit card or bill gift shop purchases to cadet accounts with parental approval and pay via My Backpack. Cadets will be allowed to pick up items prior to departing campus for the Christmas break.


Email [email protected] to see additional items or place your orders.


Black & Orange All Weather Jacket - $42


Scout Black Winter Jacket - $75


Vintage Logo Champion Sweatshirt - $38.50


Badger "Team Sport" Long Sleeve - $25

Eye of the Tiger: Land Navigation


From the Infirmary


The nursing staff hopes you all have a wonderful Holiday break and are wishing you all a happy new year!


If you need medications for your cadet over break, please notify the Infirmary 12/15/20 to ensure we can get refills if needed.


Cold and Flu season is upon us as well as COVID cases rising nationally.  If your cadet is experiencing cold or flu like symptoms please contact the Infirmary at [email protected] before returning your cadet to campus.  Likewise if you or your cadet has been exposed to someone who tested positive for the Flu or COVID, contact the Infirmary before returning to campus.  As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Swim Meet Recap - 12/10/20


The Hargrave Varsity Swim Team had a great start to the season by competing in the Norfolk Academy Virtual Invitational. Approximately 10 teams have 4 days in which to hold a swim meet. They then submit those times to Norfolk who combine them all, score them, and then send out the final results. Everything has to be submitted by Saturday afternoon so we will not know our placement until probably Monday.


Out of 21 individuals on the team, 13 were able to participate across 6 events out of the potential 9 events available. Out of the 13 swimmers, 5 were competing for their very first time! This meet was a fantastic way to be introduced to the sport before we look at meeting opponents in-person next month.


What was especially impressive about this meet and the number of newbies, was we only had one DQ. And unfortunately that could not have been corrected unless the swimmer wanted to attempt the event blind! This is an extremely promising start to the season.


Each year, the VISAA organization tweaks the state qualifying times to ensure it is staying consistent and challenging for the swimmers. Yesterday one swimmer qualified for state in the 50 Bonus event. This means that when they qualify for another event, they will swim the 50 freestyle as an additional reward. The swimmer had 0.03 seconds to spare! The swimmer who qualified was Andrew Ponton ('22) with a time of :26.11 seconds.


Everyone who competed has a benchmark in which to improve upon and something to aim for when we host FUMA on January 15, 2021.


Please send your congratulations to everyone. I am very proud of their energy, enthusiasm, and competitiveness for their first swim meet.


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