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5/5/20 Town Hall


Mother's Day Message

The next Town Hall will be on Tuesday, 7 pm.  We will discuss the information in the last Parents & Cadet Newsletter and other issues that you may bring up. 
Please submit questions to [email protected] for this week's Zoom Town Hall meeting.  The Zoom application should open automatically:

Visit Cadet Corner or the Remote Learning page for additional video content and updates.

Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day! It has been an annual tradition for the Hargrave community— cadets, families, staff, and faculty— to gather together within the Owen R. Cheatham Chapel on the morning of Mother's Day. Though we are prevented from doing so this upcoming Sunday, we still want to honor our Hargrave moms. Cadets have been working on preparing their own Mother's Day videos to celebrate the moms in their lives, and we are excited to share with you two of these videos on the Cadet Corner. I have also recorded a special Mother's Day message in celebration of the holiday. All of us at HMA want to wish our Hargrave moms a safe, happy, and healthy Mother's Day. We are thankful for the partnership that we share as we build young men into leaders of character prepared for lifelong success!


Adam Felty


Hargrave Military Academy

Message From the President


Dear Parents and Families,
Our cadets have endured some unique challenges this semester, but have shown their grit and resilience when faced with adversity.  I am very proud of all of our young men. Equally so, our parents and families had to step up and work through these challenges.  You did a tremendous job adapting to the change and being engaged and supportive.  Together, the team of cadets, family, and Hargrave faculty and staff turned a tough situation into a growth experience. As we end this school year, I want to provide you with reassurance and clarity on enrollment for the 2020-21 school year.  
Hargrave plans to open as scheduled with sports camps commencing on 8 Aug and matriculations occurring prior to our first day of classes on August 27th. The enrollment process will offer your family additional flexibility in these uncertain times. Enrollment deposits received will be refundable until 1 August. We understand that your family circumstances may change and we want to provide your family the flexibility needed during these times. 
As we prepare for the coming school year, we must remain agile should there be a COVID recurrence.  In the event of another outbreak during the upcoming school year, Hargrave plans to shelter-in-place as the circumstances allow.  Toggling from onsite to virtual and back to onsite is our least preferred option.  We will, however, give families the opportunity to remove their son and do virtual learning should the need arise. If our posture changes to shelter-in-place, we will also encourage day cadets to board on campus until the restriction is lifted. By doing so, our program will continue while safeguarding our cadets and their families. Chatham, Virginia has been a very safe environment from COVID and we expect it to remain so.  As a member of the community, Hargrave is committed to doing our part to minimize any risk.
On behalf of the entire Hargrave staff and faculty, thank you for entrusting us with the care of your son. We pledge to honor that responsibility by doing all we can to provide a safe, healthy, and secure environment for your son to grow, mature, and develop into the best young man possible. I look forward to having your son at Hargrave this fall!
Michael Brown
Colonel, USMC (Ret)
President, Hargrave Military Academy


Cadet Checkout


If you have not already done so, please schedule for a one hour slot to check out from your rooms. Checkout times begin 16 May and run through 12 Jun 0800-1800 (No Sundays).  The 15 May schedule for rooms on 700 Barracks is already full.  The checkout process includes getting information from the Infirmary, Mil Dept, Athletics, IT, Business Office, and Academics.  You should receive a confirmation email from Mil Dept 1 week prior to the scheduled checkout time slot.  The cCheckout Process will begin at Camden Main Hall Entrance (with a health check from the Nursing Staff).  Please bring and wear masks for yourself and your cadet.


A “remote” check-out option is available for those that are unable to come to campus. Please schedule for a slot on 25 May or later as this process will take longer than an onsite visit and involves reviewing via Zoom the condition of the room, verifying ownership of unlabel gear, etc.  Checkout Sign-Up or Questions POC: Mrs. Barbara Loney ([email protected]) or LtCol Greg Chester ([email protected]) contact Mrs. Loney at [email protected] or 434-432-2691 to sign up for your desired checkout time and date.

We will be releasing cadet recognition media next week. Keep an eye on Cadet Corner for athletics, military, and academic award videos.
The last day of “new material” for the sixth Marking Period Grades was today, 8 May.  While some items may be due in the “grace period” of next week, the focus of next week is exam projects, reviews, and exams.  Within the context of the remote classroom, an “exam’s” purpose is to sum up material learned during Spring semester.  The faculty have a variety of mechanisms to accomplish this task: papers, projects, presentations, traditional Q&A format, etc..  The last few weeks and next week’s tasks have included preparation for the exams as appropriate based on the faculty member’s judgement of each of their classes level of preparation, attitude, comfort, anxiety, etc.  While we all desire for cadets to “finish what we started” we will balance the tension between the challenges of remote versus rewarded for overcoming adversity, embracing change, and demonstrating perseverance.
For cadets needing an exam period (ie making a presentation, taking a traditional exam): 
Wed - Block 1 “Exam period” - 9-10:30; Block 2 “Exam period” - 10:45 - 12:15; Afternoons - Extra exam time as permitted by faculty member.
Thurs - Block 3 “Exam period” - 9-10:30; Block 4 “Exam period” - 10:45 - 12:15; Afternoons - Extra exam time as permitted by faculty member.
Fri - Block 5 “Exam period” - 9-10:30; Block 6 “Exam period” - 10:45 - 12:15; Afternoons - Extra exam time as permitted by faculty member.
End of Year Grades will be posted by the close of business on Tuesday, 12 May.
What is the process for course registration and when does it take place?
At the completion of this term, the Guidance Office will collect recommendations from faculty for placement in next year’s courses for their current cadets.
Cadets will be polled for their interests.
Parents will be contacted by the Guidance Office to finalize a “requested course” list for planning purposes.
Schedules will be prepared in time for Fall matriculation.
Fall Dates (subject to change)
18-25 Jul : Currently scheduled Leadership Training (OCS/NCO School) -- this date is on the edge of current predictions for VA public health restrictions as of 5/8/20.  OCS/NCO School is a training period in which cadets learn about leading the Corps of Cadets from the squad to battalion levels.  The experience covers a variety of topics from the philosophical (the who and why’s) to the practical (the what, when, and how’s).  This training equips cadet leaders for a successful experience.  Initial billets (leadership roles) are determined by the outcome of this week. 
1 Aug - Fall re-enrollment opt-out.  In view of the economic uncertainties associated with COVID-19, we understand that an extended deadline for an enrollment decision is important to some families.
8 Aug - Preseason Matriculation for Soccer and Football.  Matriculation is an “in-processing” in which a cadet physically moves in, his records are reviewed, he receives his uniform and gear, his academic schedule, computer passwords, etc. in addition to orientation sessions.
18 Aug - Report date for 2020-21 Cadet Officers
22 Aug - New Cadet Matriculation
24 Aug - Returning Cadets (that did not matriculate as athletes) Matriculation
27 Aug - Convocation (first day of classes)
28 Aug - Football v Fuqua School
29 Aug - Saturday Classes, Honor Council Luncheon
For those that did not order graduation invitations through Jostens or have other projects to recognize their senior, electronic copies of the school seal are available from Bill Bell ([email protected]


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