Newsletter - 5/1/20

4/28/20 Town Hall


4/30/20 Chapel To-Go

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The next Town Hall will be on Tuesday, 7 pm.  We will discuss the information in the last Parents & Cadet Newsletter and other issues that you may bring up. 
Please submit questions to [email protected] for this week's Zoom Town Hall meeting.  The Zoom application should open automatically:

Cadet Checkout


Please contact Mrs. Loney at [email protected] or 434-432-2691 to sign up for your desired checkout time and date.



Last 6MP school day: 8 May.
Schedule for Exam Week:
Monday and Tuesday - Review Days and grace period for missing work from 6MP.
Wednesday through Friday - Final "final exam" days.  Several faculty have devised "final projects" that are different than the traditional exam.  Accordingly, this event in each course (worth 25% of the Spring Semester grade) may have already begun and rough drafts, etc. have been started.  It is possible for some of those projects to be turned in early either for additional evaluation or simply to get it submitted early.  It is a talking point with your cadet.  For grade 12 and 13 cadets, faculty are able to exempt those in year-long, non-college credit courses that are earning a course grade of a B or better.  Each faculty member has a policy that applies to all cadets in that course.
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday -- In the evenings, we will have a series of virtual Awards Ceremonies to recognize exemplary performance in the areas of Academics, Athletics, and the Military.
Thursday - Baccalaureate to include two cadet speeches to the Corps of Cadets.
Friday - Senior Dinner
Good luck in the next two weeks and we're looking forward to seeing cadets and families at checkout.  We will have Yearbooks and the Academic Awards.
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