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Graduation Survey


Parents, if you haven't already, please take a moment to answer a few quick questions that will help us formulate our graduation plans.


Parent Graduation Survey



Message From the President


Dear Parents,


During this COVID-19 circumstance, many have experienced job loss, investment declines, and other significant impacts.  Hargrave and its employees are subject to similar challenges. However, with the departure of a cadet from campus, a few of our variable costs will be lessened and we intend to offer 100% of these savings back to you.


Refunds will be provided on accounts that are current and in good standing. For boarding cadets, the refundable costs per cadet are $900.00. For day cadets, the refundable costs per cadet are $225.00.


Those families who receive financial aid or tuition assistance will receive a prorated refund proportionate to the financial aid/tuition assistance received. Families that enrolled after regular fall enrollment will receive a prorated refund based on the tuition amount paid.


For example, if you are a boarding family receiving a 10% financial aid discount, your available refund will be reduced by 10% and you will receive $810, assuming your account is current and in good standing.  


For those accepting the refund, your account will either be credited, if not currently paid in full, or checks will be mailed to the parent/guardian/sponsor of record at the address of record shortly after final check out at the end of the school year.


Important:  Hargrave intends to be fully operational for the 2020-21 school year and as such is providing an alternate option for all families with accounts in good standing.  Upon re-enrolling for the 2020-21 school year, Hargrave will post your refund as a credit to your account with: 


**an additional incentive credit of $500.00 (five hundred dollars) for boarding students

**an additional incentive credit of  $200.00 (two hundred dollars) for day students 


If after selecting this option, circumstances require you to not re-enroll or withdraw your cadet for any reason, your calculated refund will be provided to you. Additional incentive credits may only be used toward the upcoming school year and will not be paid on canceled re-enrollments.


Some parents have expressed the desire to make their refund a donation to Hargrave.  This is a generous and thoughtful gesture and we graciously will provide the ability to do so.  Thank you!


Hargrave will continue to provide a “Hargrave at Home” program to develop your cadet, albeit using virtual means prescribed by the environment. Many of you are facing your own unique challenges during this time, so, too, are Hargrave’s faculty and staff members and their families.  I have been impressed beyond measure to the extent to which our faculty and staff have invested and made personal sacrifices to deliver our program virtually.  Our entire Hargrave community that includes staff, faculty, and parents are working together to ensure the cadets develop fully despite these challenges.  Thanks to all of you for the patience, support, and commitment.


The finance office will be reaching out to families directly next week to begin processing individual refunds and re-enrollment incentive credits.


Michael Brown

Colonel, USMC (Ret)


Hargrave Military Academy




Fifth Marking Period Honor Roll


Honor Rolls are used to recognize marking period performance.  Each marking period stands alone rather than reflect a "running total" of a semester or course grades.


President's List Honor Roll - Qualifying Cadets maintain all grades at B+ or above in a grading period, including both the military grade and the classroom performance grade:

Joseph Assen, Nicholas Brown,Grayson Emerson, Andrew Francis, Ben Gregori, Theodore Hoffmann, Charles Moreno, Johnathon Posey, Christopher Roe, Aidan White


Dean's List Honor Roll - Qualifying Cadets maintain an overall GPA of 3.3 in academic classes and have not received any grade below a C in a grading period, including both the military grade and the classroom performance grade:  

Mason Anderson, Kip Barksdale, Elijah Benjamin, Andrew Bolz, Caleb Chester, John Coley, Ijomah Ezuma, Connor Henretta, Bennett Hubbard, David Hubbard, Samuel Hurt, Skylar Jordan-Williams, John Paul Kapp, Joseph Scott Kennedy, Gage Knox, Dongjun Ma, Wesley Marquardt, William Nolan, Ethan Paige, Luc Garcia Quintana, Stephen Scearce, Mason Schrage, Bennett Soles, Patrick Souza, Davis Talley, Ethan Teluk, Aidan Thomas, John Thompson, Alexander Zinke


President's Commendation List Honor Roll - While taking fewer than six traditional academic courses, qualifying Cadets maintain an overall GPA of 3.3 in academic classes and have not received any grade below a C in a grading period, including both the military grade and the classroom performance grade:

Jack Benjamin, Gregory Billups, Wesley Bongiorni, Matthew Brown, Dylan Bryson, Bryson Childress, Donovan Creasy, Nathan Dunlop, Nathaniel Kania, Abba Lawal, John Mauriello, Charles Mayes, Daniel Pierce, Derrick Quansah, Sebastian Richardson, Caleb Walker, Jalen Ware



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