Newsletter - 4/10/20

4/7/20 Town Hall


Promotions Ceremony

Graduation Survey


Parents, we recently solicited feedback from cadets about their preferred graduation option (delayed, virtual, etc.). At this time we are asking all parents to answer a few quick questions that will help us formulate our graduation plans.


Parent Graduation Survey





Re-enrollment season is upon us! We wanted to remind all families that we have extended the deadline to receive the re-enrollment incentive ($750 Boarding, $300 Day) to May 15th. Families wishing to receive the incentive need to submit their contract and pay their deposit by May 15th. Also, families interested in tuition assistance should submit their applications as soon as possible. Families must reapply each year for aid as aid does not automatically renew each year. You can complete your application online through the FAST system. If you have questions about re-enrollment or tuition assistance, please reach out to the admissions office. 





- Each week, your Cadet’s spring coach sport is sending out a workout that is designed to keep your Cadet active as well as working on sport-specific skills as applicable.


- These workout plans contain 3 engagement checkpoints weekly for accountability. Completion of these checkpoints will be used directly to determine athletic awards, letters and certificates. We hope that putting an emphasis on engaging with the workouts will keep all Cadets active during this challenging time!





  1. Fifth Marking Period Grades officially closed today, 10 April.  Grades will be posted by the close of business on Tuesday, 14 April.


  1. The next Town Hall has been rescheduled in light of the holiday weekend and grades being posted on Tuesday.  The Town Hall will be moved to Wednesday, 15 April at 7 pm Eastern.  As usual, the Town Hall will be recorded and posted at …


  1. Cadets that have missing assignments and attendance may be surprised to learn that zeros really hurt a grade. For example: a cadet believes A + F + F = a passing grade (call it “letter math” intuition).  Putting in numbers seems to back this up: 100 + 60 + 60 = 73 (D).  But with zeros, the “letter math” doesn’t work out: 100 + 0 + 0 = 33 (F).  In fact, two perfect A’s + zero is still an F!  Bottom line: any work is better than none!  The *cadet* should contact the faculty if they believe that they might have accidentally missed something, particularly if the cadet hasn’t been diligent about monitoring his HMA email.


  1. Phones aren’t a complete technology solution. 

While a cadet can do amazing things with a phone, the expectation is that a cadet has a device with a keyboard and that is compatible with Google Apps.  Please verify with your cadet that he isn’t trying to “white knuckle it” and not tell you that perhaps his laptop died.


  1. Schedule Changes - Wednesdays and Afternoons

We have changed the daily and weekly schedule to address the identified need for additional time and help (missed classes, struggles with material, extra time for questions or practice).  It is also a way to recognize and reward cadets that are performing well (grades of C or better). Cadets with better grades are always welcome to attend IIT (perhaps for extra credit or to voluntarily help peers). Faculty will alert cadets that are required to attend IIT.

    1. Cadets required to attend IIT:
      1. Cadets with poor grades (below a C) in the 5th marking period or Spring Semester
      2. Cadets that missed morning classes
      3. Cadets missing work in the 6th marking period
      4. Cadets with special circumstances as discussed between faculty and parents
    2. Wednesday IIT (Individual Instructional Time / Tutorials)
      1. Next one will be 4/22 since this upcoming week is a short (4 day) week
      2. Faculty available by appointment 9-2 eastern.
    3. Afternoon IIT
      1. Weekday afternoons after a morning class
      2. Follows usual “afternoon IIT” schedule used throughout the year












Apr 12

Apr 13

Apr 14

Apr 15

Apr 16

Apr 17

Apr 18













Apr 19

Apr 20

Apr 21

Apr 22

Apr 23

Apr 24

Apr 25








All Day






Apr 26

Apr 27

Apr 28

Apr 29

Apr 30

May 1

May 2








 All Day






May 3

May 4

May 5

May 6

May 7

May 8

May 9








All Day









A day event

B day event

Prior to 0900

Home responsibilities, Chapel Message, contact IT, faculty, advisor, PT/train as scheduled or needed

0900 - 0950

Block 1

Block 4

1000 - 1050

Block 2

Block 5

1100 - 1150

Block 3

Block 6


Home responsibilities, Chapel Message, contact IT, faculty, advisor, PT/train as scheduled or needed

1300 - 1350

IIT - Block 4

IIT - Block 1

1400 - 1450

IIT - Block 5

IIT - Block 2

1500 - 1550

IIT - Block 6

IIT - Block 3

1600 - 1630

Chapel Message, contact IT, faculty, advisor, PT/train as scheduled or needed, otherwise released to Home responsibilities


  1. Exams and Checkout

Exam Week (review + assessment) is the week of 11 May.  A more detailed schedule will come.  Faculty are working on formatting the exam and scheduling appropriate review activities for the exam.

After exams, the check-out process can begin.  Each department (Athletics, Infirmary, Quartermaster, Military, Business Office and Academics) will have requirements.  In-person checkout can be scheduled for 16 May through 14 Jun (8am - 6pm). The Military Department to schedule a specific time slot in a manner similar to Parent/Teacher conferences. COVID-19 protocols will be followed to ensure the safest environment for all.






College Counseling


I hope everyone is well and getting up to speed on our remote learning platform! The College and Career Counseling Department is still hard at work, making sure our seniors find their final destination and our Juniors are staying engaged/preparing for the college application process. 


In light of rapidly changing developments, I would like to offer my guidance in the form of a remote College Counseling Seminar and a brief Q&A session for our Juniors, Sophomores, and their parents on Thursday April 16th at 7:00 PM.


I am here for any questions/concerns you might have during this time. I am continually working to do my part to give our young men the best opportunity they have to succeed once they leave Hargrave!


-- Mr. Ben Veshi, College Counselor ([email protected]




Seniors that have (at least one) college acceptance and are now working towards finalizing scholarship/financial aid applications and making a final decision.

I am in the process of writing/submitting letters of recommendation, placing phone calls with admissions offices, and maintaining as much contact as I can with our seniors through their final decision. 

To date, 11 of our seniors have made their final college decision! 

Stay focused and let’s close the loop!

Seniors that do not have any college acceptances to this point.

We should be maintaining weekly contact, helping with applications to back up schools, sending transcripts, writing letters of recommendation, and giving as much support as possible.

This is the final stretch of high school and the COVID-19 bump in the road should not derail you!

You are not alone: even in these times of social separation, many folks are standing by to help you.


For Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors:


With the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, colleges are slightly adjusting the way they are approaching the application/final decision process. Here are the general adjustments along with some examples of schools/programs that have made changes:


Virtual campus tours. 

UCONN, Wheaton College (MA), and Virginia Tech are among the many schools that have produced virtual campus tours. 

Another helpful site during this time is that has over 15,000 videos that show 300+ college campuses. 

Additional campus tour websites include: and

Pushed back deadlines for Deposits (for housing or to confirm acceptance) and Scholarships 

University of Alabama, Mary Baldwin University, and Xavier University are among schools that have pushed back deposit deadlines/scholarship deadlines from May 1st to June 1st. 

In some cases, such as Mary Baldwin University, the deposit cost has been reduced significantly in these trying economic times.


Test-optional admissions

COVID-19 has forced a wide variety of schools to move to test-optional admissions.

A test-optional college lets students decide whether they want to submit test scores with their application. Most test-optional schools will consider SAT and ACT scores if they are submitted, but focus on other factors they believe are stronger predictors of a student's potential to succeed in college.

Some colleges will continue the process for the future: Xavier University and Boston University, will be moving test-optional for Fall 2021 applicants (current Juniors). 

It is important to pay attention to each specific school, as schools like Williams College are going test-optional for ONLY the 2020-2021 admissions cycle.


AP Testing

All AP testing has been moved online this spring and guidance was sent from the Collegeboard and has been disseminated to our AP instructors here at Hargrave.


SAT and ACT testing 

We are monitoring the situation closely.

ACT has cancelled the April administration with registrations honored in June/July test dates.

SAT has cancelled the May administration. SAT is still slated to hold their June administration and are currently working on the potential of adding a July administration.


The following links may also be helpful:




Once again, I will have a remote College Counseling Seminar and a brief Q&A session for our Juniors, Sophomores, and their parents on Thursday April 16th at 7:00 PM.  Please RSVP with me via email ([email protected]) to help my planning process.





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