The Tiger Times - Feb 8


Upcoming Events 

Friday 07 Feb -  Open Weekend

  • Cadets dismissed @ 1230
  • Interim Grading Period Results
  • JVBB vs Fishburne - 1630
  • SWIM VIC Championships - 1700
  • VBB vs Fishburne - 1800
  • PGBB vs Fork Union (Richmond, Va) - 1900


Saturday 08 Feb

  • ACT (Off Campus) 
  • WREST @ VIC Championships (Roanoke, Va) - 0800
  • MSBB @ Linkhorne Tournament (Lynchburg, Va) - 0900


Sunday 09 Feb

  • Start of Spiritual Emphasis Week
  • PGBB vs Catawba College - 1300
  • Cadets Return by 5 PM
  • PGBB vs Belmont Abbey - 1900




Tuesday 11 Feb - Spiritual Emphasis Week

  • Guest Speaker - Chris Herren - Chapel - 1300
  • JVBB vs Blue Ridge - 1700
  • VBB vs Blue Ridge - 1830


Wednesday 12 Feb - Spiritual Emphasis Week

  • Cadet Birthday Lunch - 1230
  • PGBB vs Virginia Beach Sports Academy - 1630
  • Advisee Dinner

Thursday 13 Feb - Spiritual Emphasis Week

  • Chapel - 0730
  • MSBB @ Virginia Episcopal School - 1600
  • Rifle @ Fishburne - 1600
  • JVBB @ Virginia Episcopal - 1730
  • VBB @ Virginia Episcopal - 1900


Friday 14 Feb - Spiritual Emphasis Week - Closed Weekend

  • SWIM @ VISAA State Championship - Christiansburg, VA - 0800
  • WREST @ VISAA State Championship - Dowell, VA - 0800
Chinese New Year & State Capitol Tour

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the HMA international students group traveled to Richmond for an fun and eventful outing. Cadets spent the morning at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture and the Virginia Fine Arts Museum. Cadets were particularly enthusiastic about seeing the colonial weapons display and learning about dueling through the Alexander Hamilton exhibit. After lunch, cadets toured the Virginia capitol building, designed by Thomas Jefferson, where they learned more about Virginia's rich history. For dinner, cadets were taken to an authentic Chinese restaurant for a taste of home. Dongjun Ma demonstrated his bravery by eating the eyeball out of a steamed fish head. As a special surprise, Colonel Brown sent along "hongbao," literally meaning "red envelopes," a traditional Chinese New Year gift, for the international cadets. The evening ended with a quick shopping spree at an Asian market where cadets stocked up on hard-to-find snacks from home. 


Science Class
Oreos aren't just for eating! Cadets used Oreos to study the phases of the moon! Who says science can’t be yummy?


Open Weekends - Parent Council


If you are coming to pick up your cadet on a Friday at lunchtime for an Open Weekend, please look for Parent Council members in the Military Office. We would LOVE to meet you, find out how you and your son doing, and answer any questions you may have. We will be available starting at 12 noon (check-out is 12:30pm), so come look for our “HMA Parent Council” sign and PC members wearing their name tags. Hope to see you on one of the following Fridays: 02/07, 02/28, 03/20 (start of Spring Break), 04/10, and 05/01.



Jurassic World Live 


HMA student activities headed down to Greensboro, North Carolina, and back in time, about 65 million years to be precise, to live the dino experience in person. T-rexes, raptors, and triceratops were spotted while on the tour, and a few narrow escapes were made. Luckily, no HMA cadets were harmed on the trip! 


SOAR Academy Leadership and Character Training


On Friday, 31 January 2020, a team from Hargave, consisting of Sgt Maj Scott Dooley and Cadets Jack and Eli Benjamin, traveled to the Academy at SOAR (Success Oriented Achievement Realized), located in Waynesville, NC, and provided leadership and character training to 13 SOAR students. The Academy at SOAR is an adventure-based boarding school for grades 7–12 that offers an alternative learning environment that combines academics, adventure, and life skills development to help prepare students academically, socially, and emotionally for adulthood.


Jack Benjamin, a proud graduate of the SOAR program, coordinated the visit with his former school Director and developed and spearheaded the training, supported by his brother Eli. The SOAR students and academy cadre welcomed Jack back “home,” and were excited and willing participants in the training. The Benjamin brothers provided instruction on defining leadership, leadership styles, and character development. Jack and Eli reinforced their training objectives with group activities and skits that were fun and allowed the students to practice what they were learning. The SOAR students enjoyed the training and appreciated Jack's testimonial about the benefit of the SOAR program, the dedication of the cadre, and how it prepared him for his academic post-graduate experience at Hargrave.


Spiritual Emphasis Week


Hargrave is excited to announce six days of public events for our local community and cadets during Spiritual Emphasis Week, an annual event where we nurture and celebrate our faith with a wide range of music and guest speakers from all walks of life. We hope you'll come celebrate with us!


Additional details are available on the Facebook event page.


Current Events Club - State of the Union


The Current Events Club, which is dedicated to fostering open dialogue about what is going on in the news, recently hosted students for the State of the Union address.


Club members participate in informal debates about current issues and watch documentary films. The club is open to all cadets and provides an opportunity for greater awareness and new perspectives on the world around them.


Third Marking Period Honor Roll Recognized


Cadets earning Honor Roll status were recognized at a school assembly following Chapel.  Honor Rolls are used to recognized marking period performance rather than semester exam or the semester grades.  As a reminder, the semester grade in a course is the average of three marking periods and the semester exam.  We try to strike a balance between experience in a high performance event (ie the semester exam covering 18 weeks) and the importance of persistent effort (the marking period grade which reflects daily work, homework, participation, labs, projects, and assessments). 


President's List Honor Roll - Qualifying Cadets maintain all grades at B+ or above in a grading period, including both the military grade and the classroom performance grade:


Kip Barksdale, Nicholas Brown, Malachi Jackson, Joseph Scott Kennedy, Kaden Knox, John Mauriello, Charles Moreno, Ethan Teluk


Dean's List Honor Roll - Qualifying Cadets maintain an overall GPA of 3.3 in academic classes and have not received any grade below a C in a grading period, including both the military grade and the classroom performance grade:


Mason Anderson, Elijah Benjamin, Caleb Chester, Gabriel Chester, Dimitri Clinton, John Coley, Gage Crisp, I.J Ezuma, Grayson Emerson, Andrew Francis, Ben Gregori, Bennett Hubbard, David Hubbard, Samuel Hurt, Peyton Johnson, John Paul Kapp, Zonghan Li, Dongjun Ma, Wesley Marquardt, Robert Mueller, Gavin O’Connor, Ben Perry, Christopher Roe, Stephen Scearce, Mason Schrage, Mark Sears, Aidan Thomas, John Thompson, Aidan White, Alexander Zinke


President's Commendation List Honor Roll - While taking fewer than six traditional academic courses, qualifying Cadets maintain an overall GPA of 3.3 in academic classes and have not received any grade below a C in a grading period, including both the military grade and the classroom performance grade:


Jack Benjamin, Gregory Billups, Wesley Bongiorni, Matthew Brown, Bryson Childress, Donovan Creasy, Nathan Dunlop, Daiyon Jenkins, Nathaniel Kania, Abba Lawal, Charles Mayes , Daniel Pierce, Jared St. John, Caleb Walker, Jalen Ware

Henry Hurt Travel Award


Through the generosity of a donor, Hargrave Military Academy offers an annual travel award for foreign study and research to one rising senior. After applications have been submitted and reviewed by the Henry Hurt Travel Award Committee, $6,500 for the 2019-2020 school year will be granted for this independent project study. The donor wishes the recipient to be an avid reader, culturally inclined, gregarious, and someone who would truly benefit from traveling abroad the summer before their senior year. The student will keep a journal during the trip, and after the trip the student will make a presentation about his experiences to students and faculty members. The presentation should include visual materials such as photographs, sketches, collected material, etc. 


The full detailed letter, including the application, will be sent via email to all currently enrolled 11th-grade cadets and parents in the near future. Completed applications are due by Friday, March 20, 2020, via email to the Assistant Head of School, LtCol Morris. 

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