Newsletter - Nov 1

Upcoming Events


Saturday 02 Nov

  • SAT off-campus (Chatham Hall) - seated by 0800
  • PGBB v BC Christian Academy (Bermuda) - 1100 
  • Football v Catholic High School - 1800 - SENIOR RECOGNITION ceremony before the game.
  • Activity: LU Ice Hockey v Stony Brook game

Sunday 03 Nov

  • Daylight Savings (don't forget to turn back the clocks!) 
  • Skeet Shooting Activity - 1300
  • Cadets return by 1700
  • PGBB v TRC Basketball Academy (Bermuda) - 1900

Monday 04 Nov

  • No classes but Day Students required for Military activities
  • First day of WINTER Sports events (try-outs, practices, etc.)
  • Faculty In-service Workshops

Wednesday 06 Nov

  • PG Basketball v Minnesota Prep - 1900 (Live streamed -- further details to come!)

Friday 08 Nov

  • Fall Varsity Sports Banquet and Season Awards Recognition

Saturday 09 Nov

  • Veteran's Day Parade and Reception - 1100
  • Boy Scout hike and overnight camp-out to McAfee Knob.
  • PG Basketball v Spring Creek Academy - 1400
  • Activity: Theater Production at Chatham Hall

Sunday 10 Nov

  • Pittsylvania County Pet Center Service Project

Monday 11 Nov

  • Iwo Jima Assembly & Presentation - 1100
  • Learn and Learn with IJAA personnel - Mess II
Varsity Soccer Season Ends in Victory
The varsity soccer team was victorious against rival Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA) yesterday 3-1 in our season finale. 
In the 4th minute, senior Nathan Anderson (Athens, OH) took the ball off a FUMA  defender in the 18 penalty area to slot it past the keeper to make it 1-0 Hargrave. In the 21st minute, junior Xiao ZhengNan (Chapel Hill, NC)  curved a ball 35 yards to find a sprinting Anderson who slotted it near side of the keeper to give the Tigers a 2-0 lead. 35th minute, senior Andrew Guarino placed a through ball to Anderson for his third (hat trick - 3 goals in a match) of the match to give the Tigers a 3-0 lead at the midway point. 
We would also like to point out that senior Dimitri Clinton (Chatham, VA) collected 12 saves on the evening and did an amazing job in net for us the last couple of weeks.  It was one of the most complete matches we have played all season, we (coaches) are extremely proud of the effort and teamwork they put in yesterday!  Please congratulate them on a job well done!
-- Coaches Eubank and Roach

Sabre Banquet 2019

Hargrave’s 31st annual Order of the Sabre Banquet was held this past weekend, on Saturday, October 26th. Each year, this is a special night to celebrate and thank our generous donors in the Order of the Sabre, whose annual gifts to the Academy have surpassed $1,000 during the previous fiscal year.

The banquet was held at the picturesque Berry Hill Resort where guests enjoyed renewing and fostering new friendships, sharing the common bond that ties all attendees for Hargrave. As one of our most significant donor recognition events of the year, over 130 Sabre members and cadets celebrated together, including Trustees, families of current cadets, families of Hargrave graduates, alumni whose class years spanned from 1956 to 2009, business partners, and current and past faculty and staff.

Several cadets shared their time and talent with our guests throughout the evening’s program. The Color Guard presented and retired the colors, members of the Hargrave Band shared a special musical performance, and the following cadets addressed the guests, sharing what Hargrave’s focus on “Character Matters Here” means to them and how the Hargrave experience has forever impacted their lives:

  • MAJ J. Scott Kennedy ’20, Battalion Commander
  • 2LT John Mauriello ’21
  • Cadet Samuel Hurt ’24

Guests also enjoyed messages from Colonel Brown during his State of the Academy, faculty member Mr. Scott Roach who has served on staff for more than 17 years, Trustee David Fuller ’74 who chairs the Campaign Executive Committee, and from the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Sloan Gibson ’71. Throughout the ceremony, new Sabre members were recognized, specifically thanking Mr. John ’89 and Trustee Maxine Alexis for their generous lifetime gifts of more than $25,000 and Dr. and Mrs. John L. Clements ’67 whose lifetime giving has surpassed $100,000.


We are sincerely grateful to all donors and supporters of Hargrave; it is only because of your commitment and generosity that the Corps of Cadets continues to have exceptional opportunities and experiences at this Academy. As our hosts of the evening, Mr. and Mrs. John and Maxine Alexis, shared with the guests, “Together, we celebrate a 110-year legacy that continues today, one in which you play a significant role.”


If you are interested in learning more about the Order of the Sabre or joining us at next year’s banquet, please contact the Office of Development at [email protected] or 434-432-3185.


The Cadets, Faculty and Staff of Hargrave Military Academy would like to invite all veterans and their families to two events to commemorate Veteran's Day this year. 
The first is our annual Veterans Day Parade held on the Simpson Parade Field at HMA on Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 11 AM, followed by a veteran's reception hosted by our CIS cadets. This parade recognizes and honors all men and women who have served our great nation during times of war and in peace. Please join us. We enjoy meeting and personally thanking you for your service!
On Monday, November 11 at 11 AM in the Cheatham Chapel, a second event will be held. This year marks 75 years since the epic WWII battle of Iwo Jima.  We have invited the Iwo Jima Association of America to a school assemblyIt is estimated 1500 World War II veterans pass away every day in the United States. The goal of this program is to educate the youth of our nation about the sacrifice of the “Greatest Generation” and ensure their sacrifice is not forgotten. The assembly will discuss the battle, the implications to both countries through time, and will include a question & answer period with the presenters from IJAA.d,

Educating Cadets about Vaping

An educated Corps is a healthy Corps as the national epidemic of vaping illnesses continues.


The number of lung illnesses linked to vaping shows no sign of slowing. On October 10, 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 1,299 cases of the severe lung injuries in 49 states, plus Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  In addition to enforcement of our rules against "vapes," we simultaneously seek to educate our cadets.  This week the Infirmary staff invited the Regional Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention to campus to hand out information pamphlets and other items to educate and remind cadets about the dangers of vaping.


For parents, the terminology can be pretty confusing, but here’s how it breaks down: A vape (short for "vaporizer") is any device that heats and aerosolizes a solution ("juice") meant to be inhaled. Older e-cigarettes are a type of vape that uses a nicotine-based solution (hence the inclusion of “cigarette” in the name).  Amongst teens, the popular brand name device is called a JUUL. Vaping devices can also be used to smoke other substances such as marijuana.


In response to the RASAP work, a number of cadets took pledges to live a healthy, vape-free life.

Cadets in the Pits 


Sam White ('73) took first place at the Manufacture's Cup race in Rockingham, NC this past weekend. It was a Pro Fuel Dragbike competition that started with Sam White as a one of the top racers and ended with him, his team, and a group of Hargrave cadets in the Winners Circle.  Additionally a world record was broken twice during the day.  Mr. White extended the invitation for our cadets to learn about racing from inside the pits and with other inside access that only a professional racing team can provide. The cadets had a great day and also learned first hand how Hargrave positions you for success in life. Thank you and congratulations to Sam White!



Halloween S(lime)cience 


Science isn't all about memorizing the Periodic Table of Elements and Newton's Laws of Motion - it's also about SLIME.


Mrs. Kent’s CIS Science classes put their chemistry knowledge to the test by making elephant toothpaste and slime! The cadets thoroughly enjoyed this hands-on science class.

Spartan Challenge Run Update


The cadets of the Leadership 1 Course, Mighty Block 4, led by squad leaders Nathan Higdon ('20, Tallahassee, FL) and Jalen Ware (PG '20, Winston-Salem, NC) soundly completed the training for the 1st half of the Spartan Challenge Run (SCaR).


I couldn't be prouder of their efforts and ability to work as a team to complete each task. Because of their efforts, they have earned the privilege to move early from the "No Slack" phase of the course to the "Speed and Power" phase. The cadets will train on the 2nd phase of the SCaR in the next 2 weeks.


-- SGM Scott Dooley

Director, Center for Leadership and Ethics 


Character Trait of the Month (Service)


The Character Trait for the month of November is Service.  As one of the National Schools of Character (see, we have a deliberate approach to highlighting and then authentically developing character.  Character development is always on our minds, but the trait of service will be particularly reinforced as examples come up around campus classrooms, in Chapel, on the athletic fields, and the barracks.  As with any relationship, we strive not to make the mistake of leaving critical things unsaid.


Service: The action of helping or doing work for others; to serve selflessly is to place others needs above your own.


Synonyms: Kindness, a good turn, assistance, help, aid.


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