September 8th, 2019


Upcoming Events

Celebrate: One Community, One Savior. Hargrave Military Academy, 09.29.2019, 6:20 PM. 200 Military Drive, Chatham, VA 24531. Service of praise, worship, and gospel music.
  • Tuesday 10 Sept
    • JV Soccer @ Carlisle School (Martinsville) — 1700
    • Varsity Soccer @ Fishburne Military School (Waynesboro) — 1700
    • College Fair — Grant Gym — 1345
    • Military College Night — English Lounge — 1730
  • Wednesday 11 Sept
    • Cadet Birthday Lunch — Mess Hall — 1230
  • Thursday 12 Sept
    • Varsity Soccer @ Fishburne — 1600
    • JV Soccer vs Holy Cross — 1700
  • Friday 13 Sept — Closed Weekend
    • Varsity Soccer @ North Cross School (Roanoke, VA) — 1700
    • Football vs Hampton Road Generals — 1900
  • Saturday 14 Sept
    • Carowinds Trip — select members of Delta Company
    • ACT (off-campus, but local) — 0800
    • Weight room open — 1430–1640
    • Movie on campus — 1800
  • Sunday 15 Sept
    • Paintball at Xtreme Kombat (Durham)
    • Weight room open — 1300–1500

Honor Dinner

This year’s Honor Dinner was held on August 31st. Colonel Brown opened the night with an excellent speech on honor and integrity. During the speech, Colonel Brown explained the HMA Honor System and espoused the value of the HMA Honor Code. He reminded the cadets that this pledge will carry them forward in all future relationships, both professional and personal.

Next, Lt. Colonel Morris robed and swore in this year’s Honor Council members, which included cadets from each class.

The Honor Council fulfilled their first duty flawlessly, leading the entire Corps of Cadets to sign the Honor Code of Hargrave Military Academy. Cadets pledged not to lie, cheat, or steal. After the formalities concluded, our cadets enjoyed a delicious meal catered by the Sage Foods Staff.

The following Cadets will serve as representatives on this year’s Honor Council.

  • Bryson Childress - PG
  • Nathan Kania - Senior Class - Chairman
  • David Kiesnowski - Senior Class - Chaplain
  • Bennett Soles - Senior Class - Recorder
  • Jay Thompson - Junior Class - Co-Chairman
  • Luke Atkins - Junior Class
  • David Hubbard - Sophomore


Highlighted Character Trait: Respect

Since 1909, Hargrave has been in the business of building men of character, and that tradition continues today as we celebrate our 110th anniversary. Our faculty and staff have embraced the President’s Character Across the Campus program and have committed themselves to fostering a culture of pride within the Hargrave community. The program is designed to weave character education into the fabric of Hargrave’s organizational culture and the everyday lives of our students. The goal is to build each of our young men holistically through our 4 Pillars into leaders of character prepared for lifelong success.

To help administer the Character Across the Campus Program, we focus on specific highlighted character traits throughout the year. These traits are introduced by the President every 3-4 weeks in chapel and then emphasized in the classroom, during sports, chapel services and other spiritual activities, volunteer events, clubs and other activities and within the military department.

Sergeant Major Scott Dooley, the Director of the Center for Leadership and Ethics, provides oversight of the Character Across the Campus Program. He is energized by what he sees on campus and stated, “I believe in Hargrave and our emphasis on character development. I truly believe Hargrave does change lives and produces productive citizens who are guided in their decisions by a strict code of moral ethics.”

Class: U.S. Flag History

Last Friday, the Corps was given a class on the U.S. flag history and etiquette during residential life. The class and follow-on discussion provided an education on the history and customs and courtesies that surround the national colors with the focus of the discussion being directed towards the highlighted character trait of respect. Cadets discussed and explored why it was important to respect not just the flag itself, but the ideals and historical significance that the flag represents. Cadets learned about the Federal Law (Chapter 1 of Title 4 of U.S. Code) that governs the treatment and display of the national colors and were asked why they thought it was important to respect the national colors in light of all they had learned about its history and significance.

Football Preseason

22 young and determined players joined the the Hargrave Football preseason. Coaches started with the basics teaching fresh recruits how to assemble pads, strap helmets, and work as a team. During challenging 3-a-day practices, cadets learned how to play their positions and bounce back from tough plays while enjoying the game of football.

With a pick-up of 8 additional players, 30 cadets traveled to play the Fuqua football team for their first contest against outside opponents. Hargrave players exceeded the coaches’ expectations by filling numerous roles and playing with incredible passion. Due to injury, one wide receiver ended up playing running back and quarterback. Likewise, another receiver ended up on the offensive line. Players really stepped up by showing the maturity and composure developed during preseason.

Student Devotionals

On Thursday evening, cadets gathered in the chapel for a how-to workshop on devotions lead by Chaplain Felty. Cadets were divided into small groups to answer questions and share insights with their peers about the devotion experience. It was an animated and collaborative discussion and cadets felt more comfortable with the process afterwards. Cadets are now better equipped to have a more rewarding devotion experience throughout the year. Scheduled devotion time begins before lights-out every night with the exception of open Fridays and Saturdays.

Looking Down the Road

College Fair and Military College Night

Hargrave is hosting over 50 colleges, universities, and training programs in an annual college admissions fair (afternoon) and a sample of Junior Military, Senior Military, and US Service Academies (evening). We do this to educate our cadets about colleges through direct contact with college admissions counselors, school representatives, and funding agencies. Even if attending institutions don’t match the current dream of a cadet, the experience is invaluable in increasing an applicant’s comfort level, motivating future applicants, and shaping expectations to demystify the college application process and other options for post-secondary training or experiences.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Live Period

Excitement will also be running high this week in Davis Gym as over a hundred college basketball coaches are expected to descend on Chatham to take a peek at the PG Basketball team during this first NCAA Division I Recruiting/Contact (“Live”) Period from September 9 to November 10, 2019. While this event directly affects only a relatively few cadets, the bonds of brotherhood that have already formed mean we’re all excited for the those who are striving for the opportunity to take their athletic skills and talents to the next level.

New Faculty Bios

Jeff Schaum

Hello, my name is Jeff Schaum. I graduated with a B.A. in Geography and Geology from Colgate University and received a M.S. in Geography from Florida State University. I have 21 years of teaching experience, which includes physical education, geography, and history. I also have experience as an athletic director, college counselor, and an academic administrator. I have coached football, basketball, lacrosse, track and field, and golf.

I believe that with my experience, I can help create and implement an environment that supports, guides, stimulates and encourages positive competition on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

Robert Reich

Hello, my name is Robert “Bob” Reich and I will assume the role of STEM director at Hargrave Military Academy. My background includes teaching and application of the STEM process in both academic and clinical settings. I have earned bachelor's degrees, master’s degrees, and have advanced study in becoming a cardiovascular invasive specialist. This educational and practical background provides a strong platform from which my everyday lessons are derived.

My independent school experiences include secondary and tertiary positions in classroom instruction and administration, and program and faculty development.

Having been raised on an island, my early interests include sailing and sport-fishing, scuba diving, flying, and all related beach activities. Travel has included 6 out of 7 continents. However, my greatest source of pride comes from my son, RJ, who is also an instructor at Hargrave.