May 1, 2019


Upcoming Events

May 4 - Admissions (Tag-a-Long) Open House

May 6-10 - Faculty Appreciation Week

May 10 - Spring Sports Banquet

May 12 - Underclassmen Awards &Mothers Day Parade

May 16 - Baccalaureate

May 17 - Senior Dinner

May 18 - Graduation

Jun 29 - Summer Matriculation

Summer @ Hargrave

Join us this summer for Leadership Challenge, High Adventure, Academic Enrichment Courses, Sports Camps and Repeat / Recovery Courses.

Featured Faculty - Dena Olsen

Ms. Olsen is a familiar smiling face on campus and is Hargrave's Director of Guidance and Counseling. She holds a Masters in School Counseling.

A friend from college started at Hargrave and was soon telling her all about it. "God drew me to Hargrave", she explains.

While in school, she realized that she wanted to build stronger relationships with the students than a day school would provide. She enjoys being there for our cadets for much more than just school problems. "I talk to them about all facets of life, we talk about everything."

"No boy is perfect, we all make mistakes. Hargrave is a good place for a fresh start where they can establish a new reputation". She uses all opportunities to make "everything a teachable moment."

Her least favorite part of her time at Hargrave is the summer. "I just love going to work and seeing the Cadets each day."

Many of the Cadets see her as a mom figure. "A recent graduate called and didn't know how to set up a checking account. It meant a lot that he saw me as someone who would help him with that."

Dena and her husband have a one year old toddler that the Cadets affectionately call "Baby Brock".

Barracks Room Updates

We recently completed the renovation of room 701 as an example of the vision for all of the barracks rooms in Cosby Hall. Not only was the room painted but a new closet was built, a new sink and vanity installed and new modern furniture was placed in the room.

Cadets were excited to see what their rooms could soon look like.

The noise of construction is all over campus as the back windows and dormers of Camden Hall are being renovated.

"It reminds me a lot of my college. They were always building or updating something", said Andrew Erickson.

Alumni - Dr. Jeff Moore speaks to Cadets

Dr. Jeff Moore came back for homecoming a few weeks ago and mentioned to Colonel Brown that he would like to speak to the Cadets about his life and especially his experience at the Pentagon during 9-11. This was recently made into a reality.

Quicky relating to the Cadets, Dr. Moore spoke of his time attending Hargrave and how he decided on a career path as a Cadet. He spoke about traveling the world while working on his education and how he ended up working in the Pentagon on that fateful day.

Many of the Cadets in attendance were not alive during 9-11 but all were engrossed in his emotional story of his friends and coworkers and their actions just seconds after the plane hit the building.

After his talk, Dr. Moore took questions from the Cadets and spent some time talking to a few seniors who wanted to know more about an intelligence career.

Dr. Moore is the CEO of Muir Analytics which "provides threat intelligence that helps corporations reduce exposure to severe financial loss from political violence, terrorism, insurgency, and like conflicts."

Cadets get PADI Certified for SCUBA

After working for months to learn the ins and outs of SCUBA diving in the classroom and in our pool, Cadets completed four dives in a nearby quarry and are now PADI certified. They went down as far as 60 feet into the cold water.

SCUBA instruction was provided by Black Pearl SCUBA of Lynchburg.

"It is very intense! Being underwater really takes you out of your element. It is a different world and so perfect and relaxing", says Major Scott Roach, the faculty advisor.

Meritorious Performers attend Air Show

Our Meritorious Performers were able to attend the Wings Over Wayne Air Show at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina. LtCol Morris was the chaperone and our Cadets joined in with a men's group from a local church to have breakfast and convoy down to the show.

The highlight for many was the mock battle featuring F-15's, A-10's and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute Team. For others it was the Air Force Thunderbirds and their display of air power. For two of our lucky cadets it was a private tour of the cockpit of a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, including getting to look out of the roof hatch and survey the entire base.

When asked for a comment, Cadet Moreno simply said "planes!".

Hargrave 8 - New Covenant School 1

"Hey, Coach, when will my doubles match start?"

That's a common (and good question). In VIC tennis, that usually means about an hour later after the singles matches are at least partially completed. Generally, a singles point is over in around 8 seconds. Minimum of 4 points per game. Minimum of 10 games in a single match. Do the math and an hour seems impossible to fill. But that doesn't take into consideration the need to win a game by a 2 point advantage and to win the match by a 2 game advantage.

And with the distribution of talent and experience at high school levels, stories generally focus on the wins (and we don't want to minimize those). But one of the best tennis matches in recent Hargrave history occurred today at the Landon Tennis Center. Hargrave's #1 singles player, David Kiesnowski (Appleton, WI) battled against New Covenant School's (Lynchburg, VA) Logan Duncan over a 2.5 hour period.

The play began rather oddly. The players opened a new can of tennis balls to find them completely flat! Then on Kiesnowski's last warm-up hit, he snapped a string and needed to borrow a racket. But from then on, neither player was willing to give up a point with every game going to multiple deuce points. Kiesnowski jumped out to a quick lead, breaking Duncan's serve to go up 2-0 before Duncan held, broke back, and held serve to finally take a 3-4 lead as the last regular singles match finished and exhibition matches got underway with the team match clock having ticked over an hour. As each player held serve and contested each game, the score slowly climbed to 7-9 with Duncan trying to slam the door on the match as the 2 hour mark crept up (and the doubles matches ended).

With the match in jeopardy and Duncan pressing hard to either break or hold at deuce to decide the match, Kiesnowski ground his way to win 3 games to first tie the match and then serving for the match at 10-9. Two tough rallies full of gritty full-court attack by both players saw Kiesnowski down love-30. But he somehow brought the score back to a deuce. On the third and out, it looked like the tank might have been empty and the match score rested at 10-10 as Duncan finally halted his slide. The match would have to be decided with a tie-breaker format. At 3-3, Duncan fired off an ace to take the lead 4-3. But Kiesnowski fought back to 4-6 and then served at match-point to make the score 5-6. It was fitting that the match ended on another great rally and demonstration of solid all-court tennis as Duncan served out the point for the win.

The line score is below, but the other notable matches were Sam Wilkerson's return to play at #3 singles after a frustrating loss the previous week at #4 singles against EHMS. Richardson's match saw a resurgence after a 4-0 lead, but he closed out the tightest singles match with a handy 10-4 score that didn't reflect the grit demonstrated by Tiger Richardson (Charlotte, NC) and Gryphon Wilson. Finally, John Ratchford (Charlotte, NC) made his debut in Varsity Tennis competition with partner Mason Rucker (Matthews, NC) at #3 doubles with a 8-3 win. On the "growing the future" side of things, Max Eskew (Wilmington, NC), Connor Henretta (Roanoke, VA), Dave Mueller (Miami, FL), Tyler Medlin (Chatham, VA), and John Paul Kapp (Chatham, VA) were able to get in exhibition play against an equally enthusiastic New Covenant squad.

Man of the Match:

In an afternoon of good tennis, it was impossible to ignore the great tennis at #1 singles. In recognition of his determination and great sportsmanship in a tough 2.5 hour battle, David Kiesnowski is Hargrave's Man of the Match.

- Dr. Jim Tung, Academic Dean & Head Tennis Coach

Image credit: Cadet John Ratchford '22

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