April 10, 2019


Upcoming Events

April 12-13 - Homecoming

April 14 - Sophomore Challenge

April 16 - Freshman Nametag Ceremony

April 17 - Birthday Lunch

April 19-22 - Easter Break

April 24 - Day Student Info Session (Tell your friends!)

May 4 - Admissions (Tag-a-Long) Open House

May 17 - Senior Dinner

May 18 - Graduation

The Cadets and the staff had the best time preparing this video for April Fool's Day

Featured Staff - Don Haston

We are excited to welcome Don Haston back to campus as our Director of Facilities. Don is an alumnus, a former Hargrave Board Member and recently stepped down as the head of Haston General Contractors in Charlotte, North Carolina. "The Lord lead me to give back to this school that gave so much to me."

Don grew up in Wingate, NC, just outside of Charlotte. He came to Hargrave in 10th grade as a scared kid but he quickly made friends (that he still keeps) and made the baseball team.

"I had some bad friends and not the best grades and a friend of mine at church told me about Hargrave. Hargrave understood me and helped me get where I needed to be academically."

As a Board Member, he helped with major renovation and construction projects on campus. Now, as Director of Facilities, he will oversee our latest renovation projects.

When asked what Hargrave means to him he says, "Hargrave is a school that cares. It cares about academics, it cares about spiritual growth, it cares about character and it cares about athletics. Most importantly it cares what a kid will be doing 10 years after they graduate."

As a business owner he credits Hargrave with not just helping him to improve his grades, but how to use his time wisely and how to treat people with respect. "You have to respect your customers and you have to respect your employees."

"At Hargrave you find brothers. Brothers you do more than just live with. You play sports with them, you laugh and cry with them, you grow up with them."

Junior Retreat - Friday

The theme for our Junior Retreat was "This is the way. Walk ye in it.", which was reinforced with each activity throughout the weekend. We kicked off the retreat on Friday evening with a delicious dinner, during which our juniors started the process of getting to know the individuals in their group. Each group had an adult, a senior facilitator and about six juniors. After dinner, we mixed all the Cadets into four groups where they played a game called "The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine". This game required them to really work together and figure out the best path to choose to win the game.

The "trivia/baby picture" activity was next. The senior facilitator held up each baby picture and read trivia about that individual. Each team member had to guess who the individual was. This activity is designed to help the groups get to know each other on a more personal level. A lot of laughter came out of this activity! We then settled down to complete "match affirmation": each young man had to light a match and say as many positive attributes about himself until the match burned down. I was amazed at how seriously the Cadets took this activity as it seemed to remind them of the good qualities they possess.

Next, the juniors wrote on a piece of ribbon what paths they have taken or need to take in order to reach their goals. Once completed, we blindfolded them and took them on a trust walk to a bonfire, where Col. Brown had a talk with them about choosing paths. After tying their ribbon to a large cross, the juniors ate smores and enjoyed some fellowship around the fire.
- Jacqueline Scolpini, Academic Learning Center Director

Junior Retreat - Saturday

Saturday morning our juniors were served breakfast by the seniors, which the juniors absolutely loved! After breakfast, we packed up and headed out to Park Springs Camp in Providence, North Carolina.

Once settled in at the camp, we had five team building challenges that ended with a canoe race. With the challenges complete, we gathered together and each group discussed the lessons learned from each challenge and from each other.

After lunch Col Brown held a town hall meeting. The juniors had the opportunity to express their concerns and opinions about Hargrave to the President. This is always a good time for us to be able to listen to these young men and take their concerns into consideration when tackling the new school year.

The juniors had the rest of the afternoon to play frisbee, basketball, corn hole, go fishing, canoeing and ride trikes on the lake. Major Roach and his wife, Debra grilled delicious steaks for dinner for all the juniors to enjoy while watching the UVA/Auburn game.

Evening activities began with a tiki torch-lit path to a bonfire for "senior witness", a time when the seniors talk to the juniors about their journey to Hargrave and how Hargrave has impacted their lives. The juniors did not make a peep as they intently listened to the stories of overcoming adversities and how much Hargrave helped the seniors do that.

The juniors had a moment of reflection around the fire which set the tone for the next activity. They quietly traveled to a candle-lit gym, sat down in their groups and wrote something positive about each Cadet in the group. They had to tell each person at least one positive attribute they learned about them and they also wrote it on a piece of paper for that person to keep. This was so rewarding to watch and man, did I see a lot of smiles!!

Each Cadet was given a candle and their letters from family, faculty and staff to read by candlelight in peace. The juniors all took their time and read each letter carefully. This was by far one of the most rewarding moments of the weekend. There were a lot of tears shed while reading these letters, which is when we saw hearts open up. They hugged each other and comforted those who were crying or feeling emotional. It was a beautiful thing to witness and helped create lifelong bonds.

This activity ended the night which was followed by ice-cream sandwiches with cookies made by Col Brown and his family.

- Jacqueline Scolpini, Academic Learning Center Director

Junior Retreat - Sunday

Sunday morning the juniors received a junior retreat ribbon to wear on their uniform blouse as well as a bracelet to remind them of this special weekend. They all signed a flag that will hang for the rest of this year and next year.

I want to thank you all for sending in the information we asked for and for sharing your young man with us! This was such an amazing experience that I hope they will remember for the rest of their lives. One student came up to me to thank me and said "not only do I feel closer to my class, but I feel much closer to the faculty and staff as well". Mission accomplished!

- Jacqueline Scolpini, Academic Learning Center Director

Chatham Track Meet Champs

Our young men took part in a five-school meet (Gretna, Dan River, Chatham, and Galileo) at Chatham High School. At the end of the day we were able to come out on top! Below are the team results.

Team Results
Hargrave - 100 pts
Galileo - 75 pts
Gretna - 75 pts
Dan River - 51 pts
Chatham - 47 pts

State Qualifiers
We also had the following cadets qualify for the VISAA State Track & Field Championships in May in these respective events:

Darius Hankins - 100 Meters
Isaiah Short - 400 Meters
Quinn Griffith - 300 Hurdles
Julio Galindo - 300 Hurdles
Justin Campbell - Triple Jump
Abdullah Al-Saif - Discus
Ben Blair - Shot Put

At the midway point of our season, we have had 50% of our team qualify for the State meet in at least one event! This is quite a feat for most of our guys as this is their first year running track!

- Jeremy Eubank, Head Track Coach, Registrar

Leadership Lessons from the Man in Black

Spring Break is always a welcome time for students, staff and faculty. It is an opportunity to take a step back from the Hargrave grind and to get energized for the final 7 weeks of school. My wife, Sabina, surprised me with a trip to Nashville, TN, where we met 3 couples from our military family, and had a great time visiting the haunts of past and present country artists.

In defiance of the growing modern skyscrapers, the "Honky Tonk Highway" continues to thrive on lower Broadway and features honky-tonks with live music, and other legendary venues of country music. Appropriately, on a side street off Broadway, you will find the Johnny Cash museum which takes you on a journey through his early life, to his service in the Air Force, and his rise to fame blending country, folk, and rock 'n' roll music. Johnny Cash was the ultimate storyteller who was known for his unmistakable baritone voice, and as country music's first outlaw who pressed social issues that other artists of the time shied away from.

I spent a good portion of our visit reading Mr. Cash's handwritten and typed letters to Air Force buddies and to his incredibly loyal fan club. What struck me was his meaningful and genuine effort to remain in touch with his friends and supporters. In these letters he let people know about his next project, asked how they were doing, and most importantly, simply thanked them for their thoughts, prayers, and support. I think Johnny Cash, even having sold over 90 million records, never forgot where he came from, and remained just as kind and respectful to the roadie, as he would be to a President, or a Queen. He was quick with a smile and a kind word, and ever mindful of the power of just saying "thank you."

The Man in Black found incredible success, but like all of us, had his demons and suffered through some bad times. Johnny Cash's lessons of leaderships remind us to rise above it, remember where you came from, always treat the janitor like you would treat the CEO, a smile and kind word will make someone's day a little brighter, and always say "thank you" to the people who have helped you along the way.

One Team, One Fight.

Stay Fired Up!

- Sergeant Major Scott Dooley, Director, Center for Leadership and Ethics

Weekly Gallery

Working together at Junior Retreat

Class rings have arrived.

Tripple Jump at Chatham Track Meet

Match Affirmation at Junior Retreat

Major Roach cooking steaks for JR Retreat

Tying paths to the Cross

Canoe Race at JR Retreat

Watching Hargrave Alumni lose to Virginia

New Class Ring

Chatham Track Meet

Chatham Track Meet

Trust Walk during JR Retreat