February 18, 2019


Upcoming Events

Feb 21 - Military School Band Festival

Feb 22 - First Piedmont Tournament

Mar 2 - Military Ball

Mar 4-7 - PG National Championship

Mar 8 - Winter Sports Banquet (Parents Welcome)

Mar 9 - Admissions Open House

Mar 16 - Band @ St Patrick's Day Parade - Charlotte

April 6-7 - Junior Retreat

Cadet Devin Wallace pins a cadet from Fork Union in the VISAA State Wrestling Tournament

Featured Faculty Betsy Kent

One of our newest faculty members, Ms. Betsy Kent, is a Science instructor for our Center for Integrated Studies (CIS). She comes to Hargrave not from a traditional educational background, but from an industrial one; she was formerly a microbiologist with Nestle. Ms. Kent has taught at the college level and has led youth groups at her church.

Coming to Hargrave, she thought that all of the students would be very focused on the military aspects of the school. "I believe that many in the Danville community expect that the boys just march around all day." She was relieved to see that this was not the case. "They keep me on my toes."

"Not all kids are interested in science, so I have to take a hands on - have fun approach." Though now, "every day they want to blow something up".

She enjoys her leeway with her classes. "I do not have to follow an event schedule like my friends who teach at public school do. Our schedule can focus on real life. Sometimes you just need to go out to the pond or do other science outside."

Some of her favorite parts of Hargrave include the sense of fulfillment she receives from teaching her students and "touching their lives in positive way while they are making decisions for life." Another is the way "Hargrave science teachers work together as a family". She also oversees our Community Service Committee. Welcome to Hargrave, Ms. Kent!

Character Theme - Forgiveness

This week we will be introducing the Character Trait of Forgiveness.

Definition: The act of excusing a mistake or offense; compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive; to stop blaming or being angry with someone for something that person has done, or not punish them for something.

Synonyms: Pardon, mercy, absolution, understanding, tolerance.

- Sergeant Major Scott Dooley, Director, Center for Leadership and Ethics

Reverend King and his final message about Finishing Strong during Spiritual Emphasis Week

Student Activities Highlights

Coach Roach chaperoned the SCUBA class as they got in the pool for their first time breathing under water. They will have one more pool dive followed by two open water dives, earning their open water Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Lifetime Certification.

Saturday evening, Hargrave hosted its first co-ed social in recent memory. It was a Game Night Social where the young men and young women were able to get together and play basketball, volleyball, board games, card games, chips-only blackjack, cornhole, table tennis and video games. They had all the Pizza Hut pizza, chips, cookies, cakes and sodas that they could possibly consume.

It was a huge success as there were 50+ young ladies from Chatham Hall and Salem Academy who came to have fun with the 60+ Cadets from Hargrave. There were huge smiles all night as they began to mingle and make new friends. Some of the young men invited their new-found friends to the upcoming Military Ball. It was a really fun night, and special thanks need to be made to the people that helped make the evening possible by chaperoning.

Ms. Kent took a group of Cadets over to the Pittsylvania County Pet Center for a service day. They got to help out with all sorts of tasks and really loved helping out with their fuzzy friends. Serving others is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

- Mr. Bill Eberly, Student Activities Director

Hargrave Museum Class Project

Recently, the students of the Foundations of Leadership Course completed a small class project in the Hargrave Museum in preparation for Alumni Weekend. While working in the museum, they were captivated by the stories of the Hargrave cadets that came before them and how Hargrave has grown as an institution over the past 110 years. The project reinforced that any positive action, regardless how small, can greatly impact the community in which they live in.

- Sergeant Major Scott Dooley, Director, Center for Leadership and Ethics

Weekly Gallery

Reverend King finishing his last sermon during Spiritual Emphasis Week

Cake eating contest at Winter Fun Day

Pinning on a Presidential Ambassador Badge

Basketball vs Miller School

Cadet Demarest hugs Ms Loney during Spiritual Emphasis Week

Jousting at Winter Fun Day

A heated Jenga match during Winter Fun Day

Cadet Moreno receives his Presidential Ambassador Badge

Captain Ott's chemistry class

A proud family at Senior Day

Reverand King giving his message during Spiritual Emphasis Week

Captain Ott's chemistry class

Seniors on their way to their families to start Senior Day

Major Roach riding the bull at Winter Fun Day

Coach Veshi and the varsity team vs VES