January 28, 2019


Upcoming Events

Feb 10 - Spiritual Emphasis Week

Feb 13 - Winter Fun Day

Feb 18 - Spring Sports Begin

Feb 21 - Military School Band Festival

Feb 22 - First Piedmont Tournament

Mar 2 - Military Ball

Mar 4-7 - PG National Championship

Mar 8 - Winter Sports Banquet (Parents Welcome)

Mar 9 - Admissions Open House

Mar 16 - Band @ St Patrick's Day Parade - Charlotte

Featured Faculty - Jacqueline Scolpini

Ms Scolpini is the Director of the Academic Learning Center, where she works with students who need extra help or need extra challenges. She is also a Hargrave alumna having grown up at Hargrave from 7th to 12 grade.

As a student, she was a bad studier and had a hard time adjusting to the rigors of Hargrave. Just like current faculty, her teachers believed in the How to Study Program and helped her to get organized. "The Cadet planner was huge in my life. When I got to college I had to ask my mom to bring one to me." Ms Scolpini now holds a Masters Degree in Education.

She is very proud to come back to Hargrave and help our Cadets and faculty. "I was a struggling student, and I understand how they feel. Hargrave was a big wake up for me, and I really appreciated my teachers who cared so much about me."

Students grades are monitored and when someone falls below a C or a student who usually has A-B's starts to slip, Ms Scolpini is there to help. She works with faculty and the student to develop strategies for academic success. For some, it is as simple as better note taking strategies or a weekly sit down and get everything organized session.

Along with helping students develop and refine academic skills, she teaches a reading class, proctors our online classes with Liberty University, and runs a morning study hall for students with a heavy load or who need a little extra help.

Following in her mother's (Mrs Lavoie's) footsteps, Ms Scolpini also runs our Junior Retreat Weekend. Junior Retreat is a spiritual team building weekend designed to bond the junior class together as they prepare to lead the Corps.

She wishes that students could see how much structure will help over their lifetime. "Structure is not just for the military, it is about time management and setting priorities."

Eye of the Tiger Cadre

The Hargrave Military Academy Corps of Cadets is currently building a core group of specially trained cadets able to assume control and train others. The world outside of the safety of Hargrave is dangerous and hard, and our cadets must be prepared to face those challenges with mental and physical toughness.

This group, known as "The Cadre," consists of cadets who have already earned their Eye of the Tiger qualification and have committed to the needs and requirements of The Cadre. Cadre Members also must hold a 3.5 Academic GPA, 4.0 Military GPA, and be actively seeking leadership roles in the Corps and athletic teams. They must also commit to follow spiritual growth plan as laid out by the Chaplain according to the cadet's faith.

The Cadre have become a disciplined and cohesive unit by way of rigorous physical and mental training. Members of The Cadre are some of the most disciplined cadets that Hargrave Military Academy has to offer, and that discipline shall carry across all four pillars of Hargrave. Members of The Cadre are the example for all other cadets to emulate. As such, their conduct and character shall be beyond reproach.

The Cadre will be trained to conduct the corps-wide training program for Eye of the Tiger. This Train the Trainer program will cover topics such as Physical Fitness, Obstacle Course, Leader Reaction Course, Basic First Aid, Combat Trauma-Self Aid/ Buddy Aid, Water Confidence Training, Ropes Qualification and Day/ Night Land Navigation.

- Captain Chad Lynn

Military Ball

Our Annual Military Ball will be held on March 2nd, 2019 at the Old Dominion Agricultural Complex in Chatham. This event is a highlight for our sophomores, juniors, seniors and postgrads who have been hard at work all year selecting the right dates.

The Ball begins with a Meet and Greet at 7:30 followed by the Promenade, which is a formal ceremony where the Senior Cadet Officers and their dates are formally announced and then walk down the aisle, couple by couple. From this ceremony, the King and Queen of the Ball will be selected.

Families of the cadets are welcome to come and watch the Promenade, after which time they are invited to the Parents' Reception at the President's House. At 8:30 the music begins and the cadets and young ladies will dance the night away. The Ball concludes at 11:00.

- Mr. Bill Eberly

Chaplain's Thoughts

It is an exciting time at Hargrave as we start our second semester of the school year. Some classes have changed, and I am sure the young men are excited to have reached the halfway point of the school year. We are also very excited to welcome several new young men who have joined us. We are happy to welcome them with open arms and help them adjust to life here at HMA. We hope that all of the cadets will strive to embrace this semester, and this season of opportunity and growth.

In chapel, we have wrapped up our character trait of the month, knowledge. We have discussed the importance of knowledge and wisdom as it is demonstrated in the Bible. The main point is that knowledge and wisdom are some of the greatest gifts we can receive from God, and we should not squander these gifts. God calls us to continually grow in knowledge and wisdom, and to ask God for these things which God wants to give us.

We hope and pray that all the cadets will strive to grow in knowledge of the world, and in their faith. This coming Tuesday we will introduce our new character trait of the month, faith.

- Chaplain Jacob Kave

Character Trait of the Month - Faith

On Tuesday we will introduce Faith as our Character Trait for February.

Definition: Something that is believed especially with strong conviction; complete trust or confidence in someone or something; strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (ESV)

Synonyms: Trust, belief, confidence, conviction, credence, reliance, dependence

Spiritual Emphasis Week (a long time Hargrave Tradition) also falls in February. Spiritual Emphasis Week is a week set aside in the Hargrave calendar in order to revitalize the spirituality of the cadets, faculty, staff and the institution as a whole. This week falls approximately halfway between Christmas break and Spring break, where the moral and the spiritual vigor of the student body seems to wane. This week is designed as an uplifting experience for all involved.

- Sergeant Major Scott Dooley, Director, Center for Leadership and Ethics

Another Close Miss

As the rifle team continues to show improvement, our competitors do too. It was a tough loss against a strong opponent again Friday, as our Tigers drop another one to Fishburne. We were both missing some of our competitive marksmen, and it turned into a tough competition. With a final score of 939 to 921, we were defeated by a very slim margin of just 18 points. In rifle, that equates to a few minute misses or minuscule shots closer to the bullseye.

We did, however, make some good gains in individual scores.
Our top 4 shooters who scored for the team were:
Wilkie: 250 and overall winner for the 3rd time
Kiesnowski: 238 and 4th overall
Thomas: 228, 7th overall, and best personal record
Benjamin: 205, 8th overall, best personal, and first time scoring for the team.

- Chaplain Jacob Kave

Wrestling Update

With our cadets having multiple opportunities for activities and clubs to break up the monotony of school, there's bound to be some scheduling conflicts. This weekend we could only bring half a team, but we still made a good show of skill and determination.

When winning, Both Richardson and Morris conquered by quick pins. When losing, it was by a disheartening single point. Both won 4th place.

Hoy Kelley has been out of service, so to speak, due to a broken hand, but has been cleared to wrestle and so badly wanted to be on the mat. Missing a month of full-contact left him feeling a bit out of shape, and he lost some matches that we are sure he could have won otherwise. He looks forward to swift retribution at the upcoming state tournament.

White earned a 3rd place, but this tournament director decided to award medals only to first and second, so he is again denied some bling but is ready to move up the podium.

Hohimer pinned his opponents until the finals when facing his biggest threat ever: three-time state champion and last year's All American (must earn top 8 in the nation) Rick Weaver. Weaver's first few opponents on Saturday barely made it out of the first period when losing by a Tech Fall (greater than 15 point difference), and we could tell Weaver was just casually practicing some moves. Hohimer actually gave this guy a run for his money, so to speak, forcing Weaver to go full speed and force Hohimer to the ground late in the second period.

Our small team showed the other teams what to look forward to when we meet again at the state tournament with a nearly full lineup. Please congratulate the above cadets for their hard work.

- Captain Ed Ott

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