January 22, 2019


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Feb 10 - Spiritual Emphasis Week

Feb 13 - Winter Fun Day

Feb 18 - Spring Sports Begin

Feb 21 - Military School Band Festival

Feb 22 - First Piedmont Tournament

Mar 2 - Military Ball

Mar 4-7 - PG National Championship

Mar 8 - Winter Sports Banquet (Parents Welcome)

Mar 9 - Admissions Open House

Mar 16 - Band @ St Patrick's Day Parade

New Head Coach for Hargrave Baseball

We are excited to be joined by Coach John Bailey. He is a veteran college baseball coach and a U.S. Army veteran who received a Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Coming to Hargrave from Danville Community College, Coach Bailey brings over 35 years of coaching experience, including several state and conference titles. "I am excited about the new adventure and the challenges of coaching high school boys," Coach Bailey declares. "Hargrave is in a tough conference."

As a coach, his favorite kind of player is "an aggressive kid that will become a better person by learning from his mistakes. Baseball is not easy; you have to earn it." He hopes that all of his players will make memories as part of the team and "be proud that they played baseball at Hargrave Military Academy."

Featured Faculty - Luis Zerpa

Captain Luis Zerpa teaches Spanish, coaches weightlifting and sponsors our Spanish and Chess clubs. A native of Venezuela, he enjoys sharing both his culture and his Christian faith with the Cadets. "I enjoy impacting the life of my students by integrating into the curriculum current events and showing them that through hard work and effort, they too can make a difference in their communities."

Cap. Zerpa grew up in New England boarding schools as did his children. "I loved growing up in a prep school environment and wanted a similar experience for my kids. That's why we moved back to the US in 2000. It's a safe and enriching way of life with people who care about your future." Hargrave is a special place because we focus on more than just academics: "it is the total human development which also includes: faith, athletics and character education."

One thing he did not like about his New England boarding school upbringing was that faith was not allowed in the classroom. Schools are very secular in New England and this lead to an emptiness in his life. He considers this aspect to be one of Hargrave's most important competitive advantages. "Faith is the foundation of who a person should be. We all fall short, but with the right foundation of faith, we can all grow with the right purpose. The most rewarding aspect of being at Hargrave is that I get to share not just my culture but also the Christian faith with my students."

Learning a new language is a good challenge to have. When his students have difficulty, he lets them know that he cares about them and that it is ok to struggle. "Challenges are good because when you overcome them, you become a better person in the process." He explains concepts by targeting different learning styles and giving students time to master the material.

One thing he wishes everyone knew about Hargrave is how much everyone cares about each other's well-being.

Rifle Team Comes up Short

Many of you might not be familiar with the sport of competitive small bore rifle shooting. To explain a little, each team brings 8 marksmen. Each individual shoots 10 scoring targets at each position: prone, standing, and kneeling. There is a possibility of 300 points per shooter. To determine the team score, the total score of each team's 4 top shooters is added together. Whichever team has the most points, wins.

Tonight our young marksmen greatly impressed me with their poise, determination, and skill. At the halfway point, with four of our shooters competing against 4 of theirs, we were tied. I had high hopes we would win the day. Last year our score for our opening match was an 885 and this year our young men shot an impressive 924. However, it was not enough to overtake Fishburne's score of 937. This is an incredibly narrow margin which fills me with confidence as we continue to move forward.

Our scoring marksmen were:
Chandler Wilkie: 252 and best overall
John Mauriello: 229, 5th overall and his personal best over 2 seasons.
David Kiesnowski: 225, this is his first year on the team so it is his personal best.
Aidan Thomas: 218, his personal best over two seasons.

The other marksmen rounding out the lineup were:
Jackson Stewart: 207, first year on the team
Jacob Kitchen: 196, personal best over 2 seasons.
Eli Benjamin: 195, first year on the team
B Pugliese: 180, first year on the team

- Chaplain Jacob Kave

Martial Arts Club

There is a new club for Hargrave Cadets to participate in. Starting soon after exams end the Martial Arts Club will bring new learning experiences to our young men. Through the teachings of a variety of martial arts our young men will develop their coordination, flexibility and balance while aiding to increase their self-esteem, control and mental preparedness.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to our donors for helping fund the purchase of gear and safety equipment and especially RevGear for their support of this endeavor. Also to Applied Combatives Group in St. Louis for their guidance, training, and ceaseless support of our instructor and our Cadets. We are looking forward to training with instructors from around the country, both here at home and eventually traveling to train on-site.

- Captain William McCaskey

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own." - Sijo Bruce Lee

Chaplain's Thoughts

I am certain that there have been many prayers said around campus this week. It has been said on many occasions that as long as there are exams in school, there will be prayer in school. I know that this week, as with all weeks, I have spent time praying for the young men; for a sense of calm, and that they can perform at the best of their abilities during their semester exams.

With the testing of knowledge being conducted around campus we are also continuing our conversation on knowledge in chapel.

On Tuesday, I discussed the importance of asking, seeking, and knocking, as demonstrated in Matthew 7:1-12. In life we have an open door to a vast amount of knowledge, and in faith we have an open door to a relationship with our creator. Both are two sided, however, as we still need to seek, knock, and ask. When we do, the door will be opened for us. When that door is open we should not squander our gifts, as we should not squander knowledge. We are encouraged to realize our gifts, and put those gifts to use in service to others. I hope that the young men can see the gifts they have been given, are encouraged to seek more knowledge and understanding, and can put what they have been given to use.

On Sundays we continue with our conversation on who is Jesus, and why do we care. Last Sunday we discussed the baptism of Jesus, which clearly demonstrates the open door that has been given to a life in relationship with God. This coming Sunday we will be watching a short video from the series I am Second. We will have a discussion about this short video after we watch it.

I hope all of you at home are encouraged by the growth and development of your young man, and please let the chaplain know of any concerns in the spiritual development of your son.

- Chaplain Jacob Kave

Wrestling Conquest

After suffering a beating in our last tournament our Tigers decided to regroup and show other teams what we're made of. So, on Wednesday evening, against VES and Roanoke Catholic, both in our Conference, we showed some true Tiger spirit by dominating both teams.

Against Roanoke Catholic, Gabe Medlin, Quinn Griffith and Eli Hanson pinned their opponents while Rashed Khraisat earned his second win of the season battling it out the whole six minutes and winning 6-2. We ended the match with a score of 45-21.

Against VES, Kevin White, Gabe Medlin, Devin Wallace and Sebastian Richardson earned their pins. Sebastian's first match was against an opponent who wasn't more skilled, just much stronger. So Sebastian refocused and went toe to toe with his next opponent in a battle worthy of an action film, securing the pin in the second period. Quinn Griffith's musclebound opponent started strong but Quinn's conditioning and patience paid off with a 11-5 victory ending our night with a 57-18 win over VES.

With another tournament looming, we aim to parlay this recent confidence builder into more individual triumphs as we face 16 teams at the annual Courthouse Classic at Randolph Henry High School. Action is set to begin at 10:00, so come on out and revel in some high-energy competition!

- Captain Ed Ott

Parents Update

We have changed our Smugmug photo policy at the suggestion of several Hargrave families. All photos from this school year now have a download button beneath each photo where you can download the full resolution images for free. Please share them on social media (please tag us) and with your friends and family. We are very proud of our cadets and know you are too!

Families can still purchase high quality prints from Smugmug.


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