January 12th, 2019


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Overview of Hargrave's Approach to College Admission

(Part 2 of 2)

As a cadet progresses through the various stages of the college search and admissions process, he will assess his strengths, weaknesses, needs, and values. Thoughtful use of self-knowledge allows a cadet to make better choices in considering future plans. The goal of this process should be to find the right university that best meets personal needs and provides an academic and personal environment for growth. The best university on some sort of "top ten" list should not be the sole criteria for the right fit..

Fittingly, the cadet should understand their stake in this process. Early in the process, the system will be automatic with some mandatory events occuring. But the end of the process will be a college acceptance for the graduate. HMA's College Counselor and the other mentors at Hargrave are here to help you in a number of ways:

To help you understand the admissions process
To accurately evaluate your achievements and aspirations
To assist in the gathering of information about schools
To help you to make an informed and not arbitrary choice

We do not have special magic powers to "guarantee" a college admission. But we can help maximize opportunities. It is the cadet's responsibility (as scary as it might be to think of your young man making a potentially life-defining decision) to make sure that the Counselor is apprised of plans and goals and notified of any changes when they occur. Please help him help himself.

Make no mistake, there is real pressure here: college admissions systems, college marketing and hype, items from the (social) media, financial issues, test anxiety, and the general uncertainty when a man makes meaningful decisions about the future. But it can be managed and issues mitigated when a cadet communicates openly and often with your parents, mentors, faculty, staff, and College Counselor. Consistent communication is the key and will help you achieve the best results!

- Dr. Jimmy Tung, Ph.D. Academic Dean

Middle School Basketball Results

The middle school basketball team lost a hard-fought game to the Bishops of VES last night by a score of 51-50. The young Tigers who were outmanned by a physically superior Bishops team fought hard the entire game. The game would go back and forth the entire night. Finally, the young Tigers were able to take a one-point lead with less than a minute left in the game, however, VES was able to get a putback with 18 seconds to go to finish out the game.

Leading the way for the young Tigers was T.J. Miller who had a career night with (45 Points, 5 Rebounds, 4 steals, and 3 Assist). Samuel Hurt, Malachi Dixon, Malachi Jackson, and Usman Adegbenro all contributed by playing great defense and creating plays for the hot shooting Miller. Dongjun Ma had a great game coming off the bench and filling in for players who were in foul trouble.

With the loss, the young Tigers record falls to 1-1 on the year. Hargrave returns to the floor on Monday, January 14th, when the young Tigers travel to the Carlisle School to take on the Chiefs. Tip-off is scheduled for 4:00 PM.

Thank you for your continued support of Hargrave Athletics.

Coach Roach

Featured Faculty

Ms. Debra Pugh, English and Creative Writing Faculty

Ms. Debra Pugh is in her thirteenth year teaching English and Creative Writing at Hargrave. She is also the sponsor for the Live Action Role Playing (Larp) Club, where Cadets dress in costumes and physically portray their game characters. They also get to fight each other with foam swords!

Walking into Mrs. Pugh's classroom, you are greeted with a lava lamp, posters and signs covering almost all of the available surface and a (fake) medieval battle axe. You are also greeted by energetic students who are learning to produce good thoughts.

"It is OK for students to make mistakes, but we have to own our mistakes. I make mistakes all the time."

She earned her Masters Degree in American Literature at Radford College (now University) after a non traditional college career.

"I absolutely love my kids", she says referring to the Cadets. "Students often do not understand the impact they have on the faculty and staff."

Man Skills

The students of the Leadership 1 Course have been conducting classes on basic skills every man should know. These classes are designed to reinforce the concept that leaders must continue to learn and grow and commit to lifelong learning. The students partner with each other, select and learn a new skill, and then teach the skill to the class following an established rubric. Skills may include learning to tie a necktie, doing the perfect squat, or how to perform a fireman carry.

- Sergeant Major Scott Dooley, Director, Center for Leadership and Ethics

Weekend Activities

On Saturday the families of Captain Lynn, Mr. Eberly and Mr. Erickson took a group of Cadets to the Triangle Rock Club Indoor Rock Climbing Gym in Morrisville, NC. The gym is one of 5 rock Climbing gyms owned and operated by Hargrave Alumni Andrew Kratz. It was a fantastic day for the Cadets who were able to get belay certified and then climbed the day away on the huge walls that top out at 55ft.

The Cadets increased in skill as the night went on and tried their hand at harder and harder routes. We were all very sore in the morning and were glad they pushed to total exhaustion.

Also on Saturday, Coach Roach Chaperoned and took part in the PADI Certification Class. This was the first of two book-work days. This will then be followed up with two days in the pool and finally 2 days in the open water. Upon completion, the Cadets will earn their full lifetime PADI Certification which will allow them to scuba dive anywhere in the world.

They also watched the newly released Mission Impossible Fallout. The Cadets love the action-packed fun of the popular Tom Cruise series and relaxed the night away with friends.

On Sunday, Coach Eberly brought in Pizza Hut pizzas. Many of the Cadets chowed down on their pizza while watching playoff football in our newly renovated Game Room.

Also on Sunday, Col. Brown oversaw the weight room. The guys love coming down to get a workout in over the weekend.

We are looking forward to this weekend when we'll be getting together with Chatham Hall Girls School for some activities. Saturday we will go over to Chatham Hall for a Multi-School Social. We do a fair amount of activities with Chatham Hall so this is a great way for the guys to go over and see their friends from across town.

- Mr. Eberly

Winning entries for the monthly Character Trait Poetry Contest

The Right Way

Integrity is how you stand up for what is right.
Even if other people put you down, you get back up for the fight.
Integrity is being honest and doing things the right way.
Even if no one has anything to say.
Integrity is not trying to get a reward,
or trying to get a rank on your shoulder board.
It is about helping others in a time of great need.
That is the way of integrity.

- Cadet Thompson

To be a Person of Integrity

You are a product of the people you surround yourself with.
Bad friends and good ones, they are all around us
Think for a second, and reflect on your social group
Are you empowered by them
Do they push you for greater things
Or are you brought down
Lower than your capabilities
Are you pressured, or are you free
Do you have the integrity to know who is right for you
Do you agree

- Cadet Al Tell

Welcome Back Cadets

We are excited to welcome all of our cadets back from a long, but sometimes not long enough, Christmas break. We hope and pray that all of the cadets had a restful time of fellowship with their families and are ready for this next long haul until Spring Break. The young men seem energized and ready to accomplish great things as we wrap up one semester and start our Spring semester.

In the chapel, we continue to engage the cadets in their spiritual growth. On Tuesday we introduced our new character trait of the month, knowledge. To become complete people of character, it is important to grow in knowledge. This isn't just memorization of facts, but the desire to be life long learners, and be able to implement that knowledge. In faith, this means learning who God is, and how we can put that knowledge to use in order to serve God and serve others. Hopefully the cadets will see if we approach knowledge of God humbly, and with a thirst for new learning, we continue to grow in wisdom, which leads to an impact on our lives and the lives of those around us.

As we start off this new year, I pray that we can all grow in knowledge of the world and knowledge of God, and that we can put this education to practice. Through this we can make our communities and our world brighter, as the spring season approaches.

- Chaplain Kave

Weekly Gallery

Eye of the Tiger Cadre completing training

Victory at the Chatham Wrestling Tournament

Colonel Brown gives out two scoops at the Birthday Lunch

Larp Club meeting

Swim Team

Captain Lynn instructs a cadet in rope climbing

Cadets watch Clemson destroy Alabama

Rifle Team

Rock Climbing

Columbia Portrait Project

Hargrave Cadets painted portraits of students from Columbia.